Introducing International Grocery, a butcher shop and specialty grocery store.

In addition to our butcher shop we have a variety of food items commonly found in Brazilian convenience stores. Our market is clean, our meat is fresh and our prices are very reasonable.

International Grocery, Inc. wants to be your favorite butcher shop. We make a variety of fresh sausages on premises and will cut your meat to your specifications. You can also make your stuffed meats order and we will prepare for you, contact us for more informations.

Visit our market to see what we carry or call us at (978) 453-5800.
173 Appleton Street, Lowell.

Variety of cuts

  • Beef cuts
  • Pork cuts
  • Chicken cuts
  • Turkey cuts
  • Fish cuts

Stuffed meats

  • Stuffed Bone-out Beef Rib
  • Stuffed Bone-out Chicken
  • Stuffed Loin
  • Stuffed Eye of Round
  • Stuffed Pork Rib


  • Pork Sausage
  • Chicken Sausage
  • Calabrese Sausage
  • Barbecue Sausage
  • Hot Sausage

Rice, beans and flour

The best brands and quality products, as the Tio João rice, Goya Beans, cassava flour and Polentina from Brazil, to your home.

Cookies & crackers

We have a variety of cookies and crackers in various brands such as Bauduco, Mabel, Marilan. We have also "polvilho" cookies and "Papa Ovo Assado".

Canned food

Eggplant (jiló), pequi, guariroba, corn, peas, olives, pickles and Nestlé Brigadeiro are some examples of different canned foods we have. Come and check it out.

Coffee & Tea

For all tastes and flavors we have the right coffee for you, Pilão, Caboclo, Melita e Três Corações are some of the available brands.


We have a wide range of beverages, including the famous Guaraná Antarctica. Feel free to choose the one that you want.

Roast chicken

Looking for roasted chicken for dinner or lunch? Come to the right place. We also received orders for roasted chicken, stuffed meats and others. Contact us for more information.


A variety of breads to choose from. Be sure to try our bread roll that comes out warm from the oven every day.

Cold cuts

Cheese, Ham, Mortadella, Minas cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and that delicious cheese bread (pão de queijo) for you prepare in your own home.


A variety of products such as pressure cooker, cutting board, loofah (bucha vegetal), barbecue charcoal and others to serve you whenever you need.